Medication Incidents in Primary Care Medicine
A Study by the Federal Sentinel Reporting System

Markus Gnädinger  (PI), Alessandro Ceschi, Dieter Conen, Lilli Herzig, Milo Puhan, Alfred Staehelin, Marco Zoller

Institute of General Medicine, University of Zurich
IUMG, PMU, University of Lausanne
Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Prevention Institute (EBPI), Zurich University
Swiss Toxicological Information Centre, Zurich
Swiss Federal Sentinel Reporting System

Medication errors or incidents are one of the major threats for patients. Little information about them within the family medicine setting is available in Switzerland. In order to explore the type, frequency, outcome, seasonal and regional distribution of medication incidents, as well as precipitating factors they will be prospectively registered in the Federal Sentinel Reporting System during the year 2015.

Study design: Prospective observational
Data collection: January until December 2015
Objectives: To assess incidents accompanying drug therapy in primary care
Inclusion criteria: Any erroneous event (as defined by the physician) related to the medication process interfering with normal treatment course
Exclusion criteria: Lacking effect, adverse drug reactions or drug-drug or drug-disease interactions without detectable treatment error.
Participant physicians: 150 (approx.)
Expected number of incidents: 500
Methods: Descriptive statistics, logistic regression

Our study has now been published: http://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/bmjopen/7/7/e013658.full.pdf